Monday, May 7, 2012

And She's TWO!!!

Britta had a very exciting 2nd birthday! On the morning of her party, we MOVED into our new house! So that night we celebrated with both grandparents and her MN family. We had a few Minnie Mouse things since "Mimi" is just about her favorite thing in the world! (As you can see from the picture below).

Potato Head with lots of spare parts that mom and dad got from Disney!

Awesome Little People House from Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt...

And even a Shutterfly book made by Grandma! 

Yay for kitchen stuff! 

And a "Big Girl" stool from Grandma Leafblad! She uses it every day to brush her teeth! 

First thing she did on her actual birthday morning- sat her "guys" down on the stairs and showed me how old she is. This means "Two", not four in her world!

Her favorite thing to do on her birthday morning- sitting with "Mimi" with her "Gasses" on watching a "Mimi Dosh" (Mickey Mouse Show).

Birthday Waffles!  

Birthday Lunch with the girl cousins at Panera! 

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  1. Love the pictures!! What a happy little girl! Happy Birthday to Britta!