Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun with Britta

Lately- our days with Britta include.... eating with Elmo Utensils....

Or HOLDING Elmo utensils and eating with my fingers (which is more common!) 

......trying on hats..... 

 Cute, huh? (Thanks Aunt Tara!)

....being silly with Daddy....

....learning to teeter-totter....

...Celebrating Father's Day by eating some ice cream cake.....

..... showing off my big teeth and my cute shoes....

....and breaking into Mom's chocolate stash while she goes to the bathroom. If  I'm EXTREMELY quiet, she'll never catch me, right? WRONG! That's when she knows something is up! (her dejected face in this picture says it all! ha!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Memorable Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Weekend we went down to Iowa to hang out with Ben's parents and Grandpa Schmidt. Britta had a great time riding the tractor, going on walks, swimming, and LOTS of swinging.

 Her first time on a swing, and she LOVED it!

Britta loves to hold hands on walks. It's really cute :) 

Her shirt says "I scream" and that couldn't be more accurate! 

She even got to drive a car for the first time! (NOT! but doesn't it look like it??) A glimpse into our future perhaps?? 

Checking her blind spot...  

My two sweeties.... This might be my favorite pic of the two of them....  

First time swinging in the park- also loved it! 

First time on a slide.... Kinda liked it... not sure by the look on her face! 

Thanks for a great weekend Schmidts!

Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year Pics

Some great pictures from our friend Kacie! She did an amazing job capturing this sweet little girl! I am having a terrible time choosing my favorites! I LOVE THEM ALL!

Blue Jean Baby

We've been hitting lots of garage sales this spring, and our favorite find was a baby Gap pair of jeans for 25 cents! THEY ARE SO CUTE on Britta!

And this picture is just too cute. She loves scootering around on her dinosaur. It's so funny! She usually has one leg up and one down to move!