Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She's got real personality!

Britta is really starting to show her personality....
She is a hugger, kisser (on the lips), shoe tryer-on-er, incessant thank-er (for everything! Including when I change her diaper), jumper, and "Baby Jesus" lover.
Just love this girl.

We introduced the Fisher Price Nativity- it was all set up when she woke up yesterday (we had to do something fun while Daddy was on a work trip!) She has been playing with it ever since! 

Her favorite, of course, is "Baby Jesus." (though we misplaced him today and had to search for the baby Jesus- very Biblical reenactment!!)

Probably a 100 times a day she says "Tay-Too mama" (Translation: "Thank you Mama.") It's the best. She's so polite!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Home Sweet Iowa

We went to Iowa over Thanksgiving Weekend to hang out with Ben's parents and Grandpa Schmidt.... Britta loved EVERY SECOND of her time there! She rode down like a champ (5 hours without stopping!) and she played hard with Grandma and Grandpa and even shared some toys with her Great- Grandpa. I do have to say though that her favorite part was probably Willie the dog, who she affectionately calls "Wee-Wee".... haha!

She loves the tent.... LOOOOOOOVES the tent....

Being silly at church...

"Jumping" at church...

Playing at the mall.... 

Playing on Grandpa's iPhone.... She loves tso "swipe" through pictures...

Kisses from Grandpa