Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Start of Summer

Well, we pretty much skipped spring here in MN and went right from winter to summer. Crazy! We have been going on two walks a day annd LOVING being outside!! Also we've had lots of kitchen fun with our new phonics/alphabet toy! Thanks Rusts!

Fun play date and lunch outside with our small group friends!

Britta rode the bulldozer all over and got extra dirty crawling around on the deck (check out the dirty pants- the sure sign of a good time!)

So worn out after a long day of hitting the garage sales today! We found all sorts of treasures!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tricky Girl

Britta has a rotation of tricks that we do throughout the day- I was able to capture most of them! One of my favs ("Uh-Oh") is missing, but the rest are still so cute :)

Practicing Walking

Britta is in the beginning stages of walking- she loves to push around her toys, especially her new stroller and dinosaur that she got for her birthday! She's pretty fast!


Up Close and Personal

I get to see Britta's cute face pretty much all hours of the day, but here are a few face shots for you to enjoy!
Our sweet girl on her birthday.

Our new favorite activity: Walks! Usually we go twice a day (when it's not 50 and rainy out!)

My favorite toy- the camera case (with no camera in it!)

Argh.... I wish I could climb up on that couch!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday Fun

We celebrated the Birthday Girl on her actual birthday- just as a family- she ate macaroni and cheese for the first time and a big cupcake. She had a great time! Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts and well wishes!

Much happier once I had blown the candle out. She was scared of it at first!

We had to show her how yummy the cupcake was.... And THEN...

She realized how easy it would be to pick up the cupcake herself!

"How old is Britta??"

Macaroni... Cupcakes... and CARDS?!?!?! What a fun day!

So fun to celebrated my birthday with ALL of my grandparents!

Britta had a little fever at her birthday party because of her shots she got a few days ago. The sad part? She didn't feel the best. The sweet part? She was super cuddly this weekend!
She even got to eat lunch in the family room! What a day!

Wow.... Elmo.... I love that guy!

Since she wasn't feeling the best, we couldn't get her to smile very much, so this was one of the few "sort of" smiles.

She got to smiling much more once she got to play with her cool toys! Thanks everyone!

Our One Year Old!

One year ago April 25, we welcomed a sweet baby girl into our lives. Britta Kristine was born at 1:21 in the morning and our lives have never been the same. Some of our favorite things this year:
-When she makes her "daddy face"- a scrunched up nose showcasing her big chompers.
-How she loves to turn the pages in her books.
-When she gets more hyper, the more tired she gets.
-Her love of peas and prunes.
-FINALLY learning to take a nap (after 8 months of struggle!)
-When she says "mmmmm" as she eats her food.
-Folding her hands while she prays.
-A sweet little heart that will grow to be a wonderful young girl.
We love every moment with this precious girl!

Even moments like these:

And moments like these: 

"YAY! What a fun year I've had!!!"

Thanks everyone for following my year with me on the blog!