Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Had a great time today at our friend Katie's house at an Easter Party! Lots of kids, lots of spring colors, and a rare sighting of a whole family of baby bunnies! Here's Britta with all of her friends!

I just had to post all of the pictures in sequential order because each one is SO FUNNY if you look closely!


Thanks to the Hammetts for the cool "Snack Trap." I already love it. I even discovered how to hold the flap down and shake my treats all over the place! Mommy is trying to teach me to use it correctly, but I'm not so sure about that...

Love playing with my doggie, Hunty. I can even say "Dog" now though it sounds a little more like "Dah."

My cousin Mari dressed me up the other day! And aunt Kelly put this cool headband on me. My mom said I looked like a Flapper girl, but I didn't know what that meant! This first picture shows off my front two teeth very well. They seem rather large compared to the other kids I know!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New York, New York

Happy 30th Birthday Ben! I took Ben on a surprise weekend to NYC without Britta! We definitely missed her, but we had a BLAST celebrating in the Big Apple! Enjoy some snapshots of our weekend!

Our favorite Cupcake place- Crumbs!

Our favorite dessert from Serendipity- Frozzzzzzen Hot Chocolate!

The Brooklyn Bridge- Could it be any more amazing? We love it there! Sea turtles at the NY aquarium!
Didn't know they were on good terms with sharks, but apparently they are friends....
GRRRRR... scary sharks! Fun dinner with our friends Megan and Erik! And delicious hot chocolate/coffee for dessert!The Flatiron building. Never knew it was called that. Makes sense though, huh?

We just love NYC at night! Empire State Building...

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria one night- thanks to Ben's parents!

We felt like royalty at this hotel!

Central Park

A rare Elmo spotting!

Britta's next b-day present? A Barbie foosball table? It's only $25,000??

Ben's birthday cupcake, enjoyed at the airport!

A closer look- YUM!