Thursday, September 30, 2010

5 Months!

My how things change from 4 months to 5 months. At 4 months- "I'm on a couch? There's a piece of paper next to me?" At 5 months- "WHAT IS THAT???? It's crunchy! It makes noise! I can put it in my mouth! I can roll around on this cushy surface!" Thus the reason taking the monthly pictures will forever be a two person job. After going through 3 different outfits and 2 signs, we finally got a few keepers.

The beginnings of her discovery of the piece of paper next to her.
Oh- this is soooo tempting......

COOL!! Paper! I can actually sit up to touch it and my mommy can't stop me because she's trying to take my pictures.

You can't stop me!

Which of the food groups is paper in?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinner Time

Three nights in a row, Britta woke up every 4 hours, just like the old days. NOT so fun!!! So we decided that it was definitely time for more food! On Wednesday, Britta tried her first rice cereal! She actually really seemed to like it! She made a few "Ewww... what is this stuff??" faces, but she ate it anyway! It's now been 3 nights in a row that she's had it and so far she's been back to her 12 hours of sleeping overnight!! Way to go baby!!

I think I'd just rather chew on this delicious spoon!!!
Not so sure about this....
Hey- that wasn't so bad!!
Our biggest problem was that I was feeding Britta and Ben was taking pictures, so there was no one to hold her hands down (see video!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dedication Day

On Sunday we had a service at church to dedicate ourselves to helping Britta to know Jesus early on in her life and to remember that she is a gift from God to us. We are honored to be her parents. Dr. Bakke read a meaningful verse for Britta- "I was cast into your [God's] arms at my birth. You have been my God since the moment I was born." ~Psalm 22:10.... What a special day for us to celebrate this precious little girl!
We dedicated Britta with 5 other little ones- 3 of them were born within 2 weeks of Britta!
Happy Dedication Day baby!
It's really hard to catch her smiles on camera!
I love my daddy!
AND my mommy!!
We are so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt came up for the occasion! They got to babysit all weekend since we were busy with a baby shower and a wedding!
Again hard to capture both girls looking at the same time! This one was kinda close....Glad that the Rusts were able to come down to celebrate!
Mari and Britta! Do you notice that Mari is holding "Bittah's Bankie"? She has an OBSESSION about Britta's blankie and will willingly give up her own (that is JUST the same, but purple) in order to get Britta's blankie.
Me-Britta, Brianna-Brendan, Katie-Landon ALL born within a couple of weeks of each other! We all grew up together at church, so what a special thing to dedicate these little ones together!
Grandma and Grandpa Leafblad and their favorite girls!
The Leafblad-Schmidt-Rust Gang
Our friends Ryan and Dana came to celebrate with us too! Thanks guys!
Bye Bye Grandma and Grandpa! Thanks so much for taking care of me this weekend!
Kisses from Grandma!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Chuckling- that's the only way to describe the sound of Britta's joyful giggle-It's so awesome! here are 2 of our new favorite videos! It's so contagious- you can't help but laugh with her!

Fun Weekend!

We had a great weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Schmidt! Thanks for coming up to visit!

First Twins Game

Britta made her first appearance at Target Field and she loved it! She loves baseball just like her mommy and daddy! She cheered SUPER loud, took a nap, kicked the guy in front of her, and helped the Twins bring home a win!

She seriously liked watching the action!

"Man- I'm worn out from all this fun!"

One happy family!

Happy Grandparents!
GO TWINS! Cheering for a win!

Sweet Girl

I love being at home with this smiley little girl! I think I have the best job in the world!

State Fair

Last week we went to the State Fair with the Leafblads- we ate lots of food and got through the whole fair in a few hours! It was great!
Britta's first mini donuts! Don't worry- she just looked and didn't eat them....
Mari ate alot though and got all sugared up! Here are the two sweaty cousins!
Of course, you can't miss the famous butter heads!
She loved looking at all of the animals....
It was a great year at the fair and Britta did great- She slept most of the time and just enjoyed being outside!