Wednesday, March 30, 2011

11 Months!

I can't believe our little "baby" is 11 Months old!!! This year is just flying by.... We now have to take monthly pictures holding her up in the air... You will see later why the couch no longer works for pictures....

Still 4 pearly whites! They are sure sharp! She's been eating whole blueberries and peas, so they must be able to chomp pretty well! Baby and mama. Love this girl....
How big is Britta!?!?
"I just don't want to grow up!!!" Can you tell why the couch picture only creates a crabby baby? We have given up on them (actually usually we get one that makes us smile!)
Trying to escape off the couch!

"Walking with Daddy... Check out my moves!"

Messy Eater

Britta's first attempt at eating cottage cheese! Let's just say we only eat this before bathtime now....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Florida- Fun in the Sun!

Lookout Florida here we come! This is what Britta was wearing when she met our family at the airport! Yay! 3 girl cousins in Florida is sure to be a good time!
3 carseats, 3 strollers, 9 checked bags, and countless carry-ons. We are very glad it all fit in our 2 rental cars! Baby duty while the rest of us load up the cars...
First day in the pool!
Britta had lots of fun in this floatie.... which later you will see doubles as a walker in the kiddie pool!
Dinner at Bob Evans- our favorite!
I loved putting all of Britta's adorable summer clothes on her! I hope they still fit her in 2 months when summer arrives in MN!
Day at the beach! Thankful for 2 huge umbrellas to protect the babies!
She didn't appreciate her sunglasses as much as the rest of us did!
First time to the ocean!
Fun with daddy at the beach while mommy got some time in the sun!
I love the beach! Maybe I'll be a surfer when I grow up! Animal Kingdom Lodge- Look at the cool giraffe standing on my head!
Daddy even took my under the mushroom waterfall-I actually loved it!
Yay for the pool!
Clapping is the sure way to get Britta to smile for a picture! Is it funny that Britta and Mari are 2 years apart in age and the same size!??!
I love my mama!
"Orange you glad I'm so cute?" Perfect shirt for Orange Lake Country Club (our resort!)
The "big kids" got to go to a Braves vs. Red Sox Spring Training game! How fun! (And extraordinarily HOT!) Toasty warm in the sun! The ice cream was good that day!
The famous couch at the Boardwalk Hotel at Disney. It's tradition to get a picture here each year! Britta sat here last fall too! What a perfect chair for a little girl!
This floatie doubled as a walker.... when Britta put on her watershoes, she walked around in the kiddie pool! What a great way to teach her to walk!
So... apparently Britta hates the grass.... we had NO IDEA until we realized that she's never sat on grass before! She was always on a blanket as a baby.... I've never seen her freak out so badly as she did here! Poor girl! My favorite is Mari and Noelle.... "What in the world is the problem,
Britta??" "Why won't anyone help me!?!??!? HELP!!!"
What a wonderful week at Orange Lake!
Thankful for wonderful families!
Love my sippy cup!
Hugs for Mama
Love my daddy!
Daddy even took me down the slide! I loved it!

We got a "HELP!" text from Grandma while we were out at the pool. They all woke up from naps earlier than expected and all at the same time! Silly girls...
Bathtime! Mari's expression says it all...
Daddies and Babies!
Last time at the pool!
All tuckered out after a fun filled vacation!
Ps- Don't let this precious face fool you... this was her ONLY nap of the entire day on the way home... It was about a 15 minute nap... Let's just say it was a long plane ride home!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

10 Months Old!

Happy 10 Months Britta! This post is a little overdue since she was 10 months on the 25th of February, but we had these cute pictures, so we just had to post them. Notice the cut on her nose? She scratched herself so badly- she always does it when he's tired!

"Ummmm.... Question: Why are you making me do this?"
"Ok- I'm done. I'm done!"
""Check please!" or maybe she's doing "This little light of mine!" She loves touching fingers....
We call this move "E.T. phone home."
Whenever I'm working in the kitchen, this is what Britta does. She plays and plays and plays on the floor and LOVES it. She loves to chew on her wooden spoon!
Relaxing with Daddy when he gets home from work.... I love her little belly.