Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Our Florida Trip began with a 5:15 wake up for poor Britta. She was in such a daze riding to the airport in a taxi!

But as soon as she got her pigtails in, she was revived! So much so that she nearly strangled her baby doll! Look at the craziness in here eyes! Ha!

Passing the time in the airplane. The first run with headphones didn't last very long (long enough for a couple of pictures!)

And all the wildness on the airplane promptly turned into exhaustion when she got into the car. She was wiped!

Our first evening there- Ben was transformed into a dwarf "Grumpy" the trucker!

And Britta was turned into a princess :)

Ready for the pool!

Lots of time on the "dide" (slide) with Daddy!

She LOVED  the water!

The look on here face here just makes me smile.

Two hours in the pool makes for some really pruny fingers!

Happy Florida baby

She's never worn sunglasses before this trip and she LOVED them!

Day 2 at the pool was mostly a success, although the fountain made her really tentative. She walked through EVERY time with her hands like this... ha

Every little girl needs a Minnie Mouse shirt (And some girl cousins!)

Family Boat Ride to Downtown Disney from Port Orleans. Free Disney is the way to go!


First time with floaties- she didn't love it at first, but she got really used to it!

Girls adventure to Disney's town called Celebration! So fun! Thanks for riding in the back, Kim!

"OOOOOO Isheem" (Ice Cream!)

Our Day at the Beach (I forgot my camera in the car, so this was one of our only pics from Grandpa!)

What happens after a day at the beach!

An evening at the "Animal Kingdom Lodge." FUN!


I think we have a gymnast on our hands! 

Learning to swim with the Floaties! She's getting better!  

Last night.... Disney's Boardwalk! So fun!  

The Famous Couch... with Mari taking care of the younger girls...  

Thankful for our little family  


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  1. Katie, I just love your pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!