Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Riverdance Prodigy and the Giggler

Riverdance could very likely be in Britta's future with these moves!

We have a major giggler on our hands. First of all- she loves the "Where's Britta?" game... Makes her giggle every time.

Secondly, she laughs so hard when you look away and then suddenly look back at her and "scare" her. The picture is sideways and off centered, but the giggles are awesome. (I was trying to aim the camera while still looking at her!)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pilgrims and Santas!

Our little pilgrim! She didn't care at all that we put this hat on her. What a funny little girl!!
The two pilgrim children that we found at the restaurant (Britta and Mari!) Britta's Thanksgiving Meal- Sweet Potatoes and Turkey! She loved it! Britta LOVED meeting Santa!
"Who is this curious Grandfatherly man holding me??"

Happy 7 Months Britta!

Britta is 7 months old! I can't believe how face the last 7 months has gone.... We asked Britta what her favorite memories of the last few months and she said....
-Going to Florida with Mommy and Daddy
-Playing with my cousins Mari and Owen
-Learning to JUMP in my jumper
-Eating REAL food!
-Playing the the SNOW
-Sitting up and playing with all of my toys!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Teeth and Sippy Cups

You know your daughter is getting older when she gets 2 teeth in one week and tries drinking from a sippy cup! She can get the cup easily to her mouth, but she doesn't really know how to sip from it yet. Still- doesn't it make her look so old!?!?! I can't believe she is almost 7 months old!

She does know how to get this sippy cup to her mouth- but I think she would rather make lots of noise by banging it around....

I was attempting to get a picture of her teeth, but it wasn't working. She would show me them and then smile and cover them up every time!

So.... I tried to get her to show her teeth on a video. Sorry- it's sideways- you can just barely see her teeth towards the end!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White.... Thanksgiving??

Britta loved seeing the snow for the first time! Well- I don't know if "loved" is the right word.... She was more curious about what all the white stuff was- so her face was more like "WHAT?" rather than "COOL!" in all the pictures!
Snow in November is not uncommon here in MN! I just hope it all melts, otherwise it's going to be a VERY LONG WINTER!

Taking it all in...
She even went for a ride around the driveway in her sled!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rolls anyone?

The arm rolls make her look very strong... My favorite is the "rubberband wrist."
Check out those leg rolls... silly girl!

Big Mouth Britta

Step 1: Take toy, hand (whatever you can find) and insert it into mouth. Chew viciously and end up with a tooth!!
She puts this whole thing into her mouth.... it isn't small... the one feature she seems to get from her mommy. I'd say besides that, she's mostly daddy!!
And yes- her whole hand does fit into her mouth!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Adventure

Our weekend in Iowa included going to the Amana Colonies and testing out rocking chairs...
(This face just makes me laugh!)
Walking around with Grandma and Grandpa...

Putting up Christmas lights on Grandma's tree (Never too early for Christmas decorating!)
I couldn't stop laughing at those lights my mom was putting up!
Cuddling with Grandma (instead of napping! Britta-1, Mom-0)
Showing off my Bumble Bee outfit with Great Grandpa...
And Grandma and Grandpa loved my bee outfit!

Bumble Bee Britta

Britta was a happy little Bumble Bee for Halloween and she put on her costume without much of a fuss!
Britta and her friend Brendan-they kept grabbing each other's outfits!

"Hey- he kinda reminds me of that duck I played with in the pool in Florida! Cool beak!"

Our Small group from church came over for a little party- so many fun kids!
Britta and Landon- (I think he's bored with Britta because she won't share her toys with him! Every time he came close to her toys, she got mad! It was crazy! We'll have to have a lesson on sharing soon!)