Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Such a Grown Up

Britta is almost 6 months old and she is so grown up these days!
We have conversations often throughout the day. She acutally pauses and responds, as if we are actually talking!

She went to her first football game- Bethel's Homecoming!

She can sit up on her own. She usually has a Boppy behind her to stabilize her, but when I'm close by, she does it on her own!

She just started "jumping" in her Jumperoo! She loves it!
She had to wear her first jacket! I bought it a little bigger, so hopefully she can use it this fall and next spring!
A little big, but so cute, huh? Silly girl!!

"The coat was cool, until she made me wear a hat!"
She was acting like the kid on "The Christmas Story" all bundled up to be outside. She didn't more her arms the whole walk- it's like she didn't know how to move them with a coat on!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Britta in Flight

I forgot to include this funny video with our Florida pictures! Just to prove how much fun Britta had in the pool- check out this video!

Fun in the Sun

We spent last week in Florida for our first family vacation! The highlight for all of us was that Britta went swimming for the first time and she just LOVED the water! I have a feeling she is going to be a fish, just like her daddy!

All ready to go on the airplane!

Dinner the first night....A pitcher of soda + vacation = VERY HAPPY DADDY!
Britta's first entrance onto Disney property. I tried to time the picture right, but all you can see is the tiny red W above the headrest announcing our arrival into Walt Disney World. Next time maybe we'll actually go to the parks with Britta. This time, we did all the free stuff that was easy to do with an infant!
Like.... walk around on the Boardwalk outside of the Boardwalk Hotel!

BLAST FROM THE PAST PICTURE- here we are exactly 2 years ago in our pre-Britta life, October 2008! Ahhh.... so young and well rested.....Pool Day #1
Thanks Emily for the cool Life is Good cover up!!
I think someone is excited for her first time in the pool!!!!
OH YAY! I love this! It's like a giant bathtub and I can kick and splash all over!
Wait- I can touch my feet in here too? Wow... this place really is amazing!
Oh and I get to float? This is awesome!!
Living the Florida life!
So fun-So fun-I love swimming!!!
Yummy! This duck tastes like chlorine!
Oh I love you ducky!
Ahhhh.... this is the life....

Time to get warmed up! It was pretty breezy out of the water, so we got Britta all cuddled up and warm for the stroller ride home. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone always make sure you were always comfortable?
Dinner time at Port Orleans Disney Resort....
What a vacation- mom and dad even let me watch the Twins game for a few minutes before bed!
Me and Daddy in our t-shirts
Pool Day #2- She looks like a natural, huh?
I love vacations!

Ben and Britta's first time at Bob Evan's- a Leafblad family tradition!
Thanks for sharing your pop with me dad!
Mickey Mouse Pumpkin
Ben and Britta with their lego friends
Britta loves Disney already!
The girls
This is how I like to ride around now that I am facing forward in my stroller.... the key is to always have your toes readily accessible.
And ice cream? Man- this vacation really is the best!
Downtown Disney
Our only family picture from the whole trip and Britta was blinking!! Pool Day #3
Best picture ever!
Or maybe this one is better??
One more visit to the Boardwalk

This couch is too big! Ahh... this chair is juuuuuust right....

Please please share with me!!
Airplane ride home! Trying out my own chair before our seatmate joined us... .
Next time I want a window seat!
On a fluke layover in St. Louis, an older man came and sat down on the end seat of our bench and the whole bench busted! Luckily Britta was sitting with Ben at the time on the farthest seat away! We made it home safe and sound after some "electrical abnomralities" with our plane causing us make a very quick landing in St. Louis.