Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Smiley Girl

Who needs toys? Look at the open mouth in concentration. Cute!

"Say Cheese!" (She totally does now!)

Walking the baby at Grandma Leafblad's House. 

Britta dog-sat for Hunter while Grandma and Grandpa were gone! She still talks about Hunter every morning when she wakes up!

Life is better with a puppy by your side....

Hunter was very patient with Britta.... 

Britta says "Hunty- Bunty" all the time now!

First Snow of the year! It was exciting and "scary" all at the same time (she got snow dumped on her head while we were taking down the awning! oops!)

Britta's winter church coat and hat! The hat was a struggle at first, but when she realized how cold it was outside, she stopped complaning!

She was the hit of the lobby at church...

Daddy's Girl

So many patterns! Ha! Leann Chin for lunch- this girl was all about her coat and hat by the end of the morning!

Hanging with Daddy on the couch- legs crossed and all! 

Fun with Daddy

Teaching me about the computer!

First book she checked out from the library. Looks like a serene trip to the library, right? This is only after she dumped books on the floor everywhere she walked, started about 3 puzzles that she never finished, and dropped my wallet onto the floor where all of my credit cards fell all over the floor and I couldn't pick them up b/c she was running away from me!! We call it the tornado trip to the library!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall in Florida

Britta got a lucky break on her flight to Florida- She got to ride in FIRST CLASS (Thanks to Daddy's Gold Status!)

Dinner at Bob Evan's-a Leafblad family tradition that has now become our tradition too!

HAHAHHAHAHA... This girl just makes me laugh.
Dinner Buddies

Ok- seriously- THIS IS A HOUSE in Celebration, FL (Disney's "perfect" little town). Someone turned their actual HOUSE into a crazy pirate ship. Took this one in honor of my cousin, Ryan)

Cool hotel in Celebration 
 Main Street with Daddy

Dessert anyone? If you ask Britta how she liked the fudge, she can just point to her shirt because it ended up all over her shirt. (She wouldn't eat it! She apparently doesn't like foods she doesn't know- INCLUDING desserts!)

"I think I'll have... THAT one!"

Dinner at Animal Kingdom Lodge

This girl loves her Daddy!

And this picture might just be my favorite!!  

Looking for animals at Animal Kingdom Lodge.... 

Funny girl....

I just love her!

And..... time to go to bed...

Finally- a little bit of sunshine and no RAIN!

First time with flip flops- after a little practice, she got really good at walking in them!

She enjoyed swimming, but she REALLY enjoyed playing on the stairs!

Sharing "na-na's" (snacks) with daddy.

Fort Wilderness Lodge for dinner. It was a quick trip- Britta's fever + annoying ducks by our feet while eating outside= very short dinner.

Poor baby did NOT feel good this night...

Buuuuuut, I think she DID feel MUCH BETTER the next night! She was a different baby- back to her usual happy self!

Happy at Dinner!

Cheese Quesadilla for baby- she loved it!

Her trick or treat bag- she loved it- she carried it around like a purse!

Thanks for all the YUMMY candy Disney!!

Look at the pumpkin contest that the staff did from Coronado Springs! AMAZING!

Date night with Daddy!

Daddy showing Britta how to make a wish and toss a penny into the fountain. She wouldn't do it herself though!

Counting her candy...

The Boardwalk picture! A little harder to get her to sit her at 18 months! ha

Apparently she doesn't like sitting alone!

Last night in FL- perfect evening and gorgeous sunset over the Boardwalk.

Hoping I can get some candy through by sucking on the wrapper!

Ok- this picture is just my favorite- I told Ben- "Let's attempt a self portrait and we'll just see what she does!" All I did was count- I didn't even tell her to smile or "say cheese" and this is what she did! Isn't this awesome!! :)

Last morning in FL. A little bit of mini golf- She just had fun carrying the pink ball around!

Silly Britta playing with Daddy.

Waiting patiently at the airport- This was about the longest she sat that day! Let's be honest-It was a LONG FLIGHT home!