Thursday, September 22, 2011

The "Choo Choo"

The "Choo Choo" has been an obsession of Britta's lately- every time she sees it she can't stop talking about it (or sometimes crying so hard because all she wants to do in life is ride in the "Choo Choo")She calls anything with wheels by this name- so funny. She LOVES driving around in it. Thanks to Aunt Kelly for finding us one for our own house at a garage sale!

Checking her blind spot....

Mowing the sidewalk at Grandma and Grandpa Leafblad's house.

Ravioli? Macaroni? Doesn't matter- she likes it in her hair...

Now there's a great smile! 

She was helping me "shop" the other day at Target and she thought she was HILARIOUS hiding in the clothes racks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photo Shoot

Britta got her hat out and wanted to weawr it all over- She was hilarious in it. She is a ham when it comes to taking pictures- Check out her poses!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I love the State Fair!!

We went to the fair on the second day it was open and it was SOOOOO BUSY! It was toasty warm out, but Britta loved all of her samples of fair food!

Holding hands with cousin Noelle.....

Grandma's in charge- that means treats!!!

First mini donut ever! YUM! So delicious! I even got a second one!! 

State Fair Prize Turkeys!! 

Mari and Britta go to meet a cow on the street! He drooled everywhere!  

Britta wasn't all about touching the cow- but Mari shows her how it was done! 

She did touch a little piglet for the first time though!!  

Little piggies......  

Stroller train! 

Time for my favorite part- Sweet Martha's Cookies! 

Almost as good at my mommy's cookies! 

Walking with Elmo

Britta definitely knows how to walk, but she would choose her knees anyday over walking. We are finding that Elmo is an excellent motivator!